Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance

Worldwide Travel Benefits are designed to give you peace of mind and provide coverage for medical emergencies that occur while you are outside your province of residence.

The Emergency Assistance provides 24hour emergency response in any major language and offers a variety of medical services.  One toll-free call to CanAssistance enables us to co-ordinate your benefits, arrange for appropriate care quickly and professionally.


  % Co-insurance  Maximum 

Ambulance Transportation

 Ground    $10,000 per incident
 Air Ambulance and Evacuation    $500,000 per incident
 Taxi    $100 per incident
Maternity Expense   100%  $25,000 per policy year
Nursing Care *  100%  $10,000 per policy year
Hospital Accommodation  100%  $25,000 lifetime maximum 
 for hospitalization due to psychological, 
 mental or emotional disorders
Sexual Health Consultation  100%  $5,000 for a round trip
Transportation to Visit the Participant   100%  economy fare
 $100 per policy year
Tuberculosis Testing and Vaccine  100%  $20 per hour up to $400 per policy year
Tutorial Services  100%  


 Overall Maximum        $5,000,000 per policy year in combination with Drug, Extended Health 
 and Dental Benefits
 Travel Assistance    Provided by CanAssistance Inc.
 Limitation    30 days of travel per trip
 Termination    The earliest of:
  •  the end of the policy year

  •  the date you are no longer enrolled and not attending a participating 

  •  educational institution, or

  •  the date you return to your home country with no intention of returning 

  •  before the end of the policy year

* Benefit subject to pre-authorization

Contact Information

If you need emergency medical attention call 911 first (or the local emergency number where you are travelling).  Then as soon as possible contact Medavie Blue Cross for additional assistance and cost authorization: 

From Canada and the United States, call toll free 1-800-563-4444

From anywhere in the world, call collect 1-506-854-2222

Contact Emergency Assistance 24 hours a day for any emergency medical assistance 

Information you will need…

Your package will come with an identification card that includes your policy number and the emergency phone number to call.  If you do not have access to your card or cannot locate the phone number, contact the Medavie Blue Cross Customer Service Centre at 1-800-667-4511 and they will be able to assist you.